At the seminar, TS. Ha Phuong, head of the Nano-Biomedical Sciences Institute of Materials Science (Academy of Science and Technology), has long known that direct use of turmeric and tamarind fruit is unlikely to be effective because Curcumin in art It is difficult to tan, poorly absorbed and notoginseng content in the lower trilogy.

Therefore, she and her team have been studying and applying nanotechnology to bring Curcumin from the hard-to-dissolve properties of water-soluble substances using the FGC: Fucoidan-Curcumin-Ginseng Nano-Complex to produce CumarGold Kare products are used for prevention and support of cancer treatment.

Curcumin (nanotechnology) is then nano-sterilized through the simultaneous use of two naturally occurring substances, Fucoidan and Saponin Notoginseng which provide good control of the release process. Active ingredient, which supports maximum absorption of Curcumin.

According to Prof. Dr. Dao Van Phan, former Head of Department of Pharmacology, Hanoi Medical University, 3 active ingredients Curcumin (Art), Fucoidan (Notepads), NotoGinseng (Venerable) are powerful antioxidants, pepper Removal of free radicals to prevent and support cancer treatment. These three substances when used in the same complex will work synergistically, bringing greater efficiency than using alone.

The breakthrough of the FGC Nano Complex mentioned above is the use of all raw materials which are compounds from nature, plants of Vietnam.

According to TS. Mail, FGC Nano Complex has improved its solubility, optimized its packaging capabilities, protects pharmaceuticals from biological barriers, improves the circulation of drugs in the circulatory system, U through 2 target mechanism: Passive and active.

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